We ask that all visitors be respectful of the farm and others, keeping in mind not only the work involved in setting up the farm for you to enjoy, but also the enjoyment of those who visit after you. Be safe. Be considerate.
  • Supervise children at all times. The farm is ideal for allowing children to run free, but please be aware of their activities and whereabouts at all times.
  • Wagons are provided for hauling pumpkins and children, but freewheeling down hills (especially in the large wooden wagons) is not permitted for safety reasons.
  •  We don’t charge a fee for entrance into the corn maze, but ask only that you respect the maze and preserve it for those visiting after you. Corn stalks are fragile. Stay on trails, don’t push down or squeeze through the corn, pull corn off stalks and never throw ears of corn!  Anyone found pushing down corn stalks to make new trails will not be allowed in the maze.
  • DOGS~   We love dogs as much as you do…unfortunately we’ve had some irresponsible owners visit the farm over the years. The Pumpkin Patch is a place for people of all ages to enjoy, and so in order to keep it safe and clean (no Mom’s having to scrape dog poo off their two year old’s shoes) we do not allow dog’s in the pumpkin patch. We’re truly sorry for any disappointment this may cause. We know dogs can be like family members.  However, we can’t discriminate between “good” and “bad” dog owners. Service dogs are an exception, but must be documented, on a leash at all times and picked up after.

Thanks for your understanding.